The Txuleta Dairy Cow Prime Rib is our speciality and what many of our customers visit us for.

One of the first restaurants in the UK to offer it on our menu, we thought you might be interested to know how we came to discover this intensely flavoured and tender meat and a little more about our supplier Txuleta.

20XX, on a food trip to the culinary hotspot of San Sebastián we were fortunate to get a booking at the world-renowned, Top 50 restaurant, Asador Etxebarr.  What a spectacular place this is – highly recommend it! 

As well as being our first visit to Asador Etxebarr, it was also the first time we tasted this style of beef which, at the time, was unique to Northern Spain. 

We knew that the second we tried it, this meat was at another level. It was packed with flavour and like nothing we’d tried before.

On a mission, we later discovered that the farmers used retired Dairy Cows (around 8 years) from Northern Europe, giving them a great old age on the green pastures of the Galician Hills whilst also using a product that would have been wasted.

These older cows are chubbier animals, have a higher fat content and as such more marbling, giving these steaks a distinct and unique flavour.

Our long-standing and trusted supplier Txuleta now works with British farmers to produce the same standard of incredible beef.  And it’s just a little more local so there is less impact on our environment.